How to Teach Kids to Spell Correctly

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Spelling is one of the foundations of writing, mainly because it deals with the correct representation of words used in a statement. Using a word with spelling errors may affect the whole statement that one is trying to deliver, as there are words that are pronounced the same way but have different meanings, and the single error in the way they are constructed can ruin the whole thought altogether.

Spelling is also one of the common metrics teachers use to gauge their students’ language competencies. Spelling bees are popular in primary schools, and children who ace their spelling abilities are even given recognition in class. But more than the awards, it is important for kids to learn how to spell their words correctly, as by doing so they become more capable of creating cleaner and clearer compositions in the long run.

How do you help teach your kids to spell correctly? Here are some simple yet effective ways:

  1. Ask them to keep a vocabulary journal.

One of the most common ways to help improve kids’ spelling abilities is by asking them to keep a journal of vocabulary words. You may want to encourage them to list down the vocabulary words that they encounter in the books they read or the statements that they hear in their surrounding environments.

It also helps if you ask them to write the corresponding definitions of these words because by knowing what these terms mean, it would be easier for them to use these in sentences and compositions later on.

  1. Use the “stair steps” method.

Another way to help boost your kid’s spelling skills is by doing the “step stairs” method. You can do this by asking your child to write a word as if they are climbing a flight of stairs, by adding one letter at a time. For example, if you ask your child to spell the word “stairs,” it can be done by:







This method works best for children who tend to be slower in terms of language and speech, because they get to dissect the words one letter at a time. They also see links to the letters and how these form a certain word.

  1. Conduct a family spelling bee.

Another way to help your child boost his or her spelling abilities is by doing a family spelling bee. This game would require the participation of the whole family, which is very important because you are able to show your child your support, and that you are in this learning path together.

You can do a simple spelling bee by filling up a fishbowl with words written on paper and asking each family member to pick a word from the bowl to spell. Whoever spells the most number of words correct wins and gets a prize!

  1. Read regularly.

Lastly, there are stories and poems that can be used as spelling boosters. These English composition examples can be used as references for spelling practice, and these can be inserted during your designated reading time.

The stories such as “The Cat in the Hat” by Dr. Seuss, and the popular nursery rhyme “B-I-N-G-O” are some English composition examples that you may want go through when working on your child’s spelling skills.

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